Tablescape: Pineapple, Fruit and Candle Table

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Fresh fruit can make such a festive party table centerpiece at any time of the year, especially in the summer when so many fruits are in season at their peak of color. I chose to do a pineapple, fruit and candle table for a special family birthday party we held recently. I had once seen a picture of a tablescape with pineapples and candles that intrigued me–so I thought this was a good chance to try it.

When we have the immediate family together, we use the two rectangular tables pushed together to serve as one long table. The long table provides the opportunity to do a long table runner for a centerpiece which is fun for the tablescaper. I decided to use the pineapples and candles as part of a runner with lemons, limes, star fruit and bananas. The colors of these fruits–yellows and many shades of green–make a lovely contrast with the bright white of the crisp, cotton cloths I used on the tables.I used my plain white dinner plates with pewter flatware and clear glass pedestal glasses. To add more color to a table, I added bamboo dessert plates on top of the dinner plates. Then I rolled white cotton cloth napkins and placed a fruit napkin ring to each. The green beaded napkin rings have various fruit charms attached all around on them. This ties into the fruit theme of the table runner. To create a centerpiece, it would seem appropriate to begin in the center of the table. I placed two pineapples in the table’s center–I cut the bottoms of the pineapples to ensure each would stand up straight I also cored a place in the top of each pineapple for the white taper candle to go.Then I added an assortment of lemons, limes, and star fruit between the pineapples and on either side of them. Near the each end of the long table, I added a clear glass hurricane vase over a white taper candle in a clear glass candlestick. This way, guests at the ends of the table could enjoy the candlelight as well as those at the center of the table. Then I punctuated both ends of the runner with a pineapple. I love the look of this table!  The tall taper candles add a look of formality to the centerpiece which is especially nice for the birthday occasion we were celebrating. The pineapples are also very appropriate since this fruit has been considered a sign of hospitality in the South since colonial times. The story goes that the pineapple was served to guests as an expression of hospitality because it was so rare. Rare and relatively expensive, coming from the West Indian tropics to American colonial ports—the pineapple would have been a treat on any colonial table. We Virginians continue to be quite fond of using pineapples as icons of our love of sharing our homes with our family, friends and neighbors.

Adapt the ideas used here for yourself and enjoy!

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