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The 1950s were where the fine art of cocktail parties was realized. Formal dinner parties or adult birthday parties were no longer the only kind of party you could host. But, since we weren’t there then, we have to use our imaginations based on things we’ve seen.

Think of all those old movies you’ve seen with fabulous cocktail party scenes. Think Mad Men. Create a playlist of your favorite 50’s songs–go for the swanky cocktail lounge type. Cocktail parties were the exciting kind of parties ordinary people could host in their own homes or in other venues.

My parents’ crowd didn’t have cocktail parties, but I still grew up with fantastic images of adult parties from the films and shows I saw. I grew up thinking a cocktail party would be a wonderful way to celebrate with your friends.

If you are ready to try this kind of experience, you will want to check out Retro Happy Hour: Drinks and Eats with a ’50s Beat by Linda Everett. Revel at the fun 50’s images as you learn how to be the perfect host and enjoy the accolades of your guests for countless nights to come.

Get out your best bar glasses–highball, martini, on-the-rocks, champagne and others. Find your cocktail shaker. Find a pretty ice bucket and drink stirrers. Cut up and gather garnishes, and stock up on the popular liquors.

Party night can be any night with the Retro Happy Hour cookbook.  Plan the perfect party for your friends and family. Entertain and engage your guests with party platters laden with Smoky Mountain Almond Nibblers or Mukillee Scoopin’ Goop complete with homemade crackers. You can choose from over 100 other recipes Retro Happy Hour makes available to any party planner.

This cookbook includes the following:
– A guide to 1950s-style cocktail parties complete with recipes and party ideas.
– Features more than 115 happy hour-style recipes
– Includes tips for creating the perfect party from making your own invitations and entertainment ideas right on down to clean up.

Check out Retro Happy Hour as a guidebook for a grand old time with your friends and neighbors! Enjoy!

This book is available online.

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