Party Pointer: Sandcastle Building Tips

Whether you are building sandcastles with your children or grandchildren or participating in a big sand sculpture contest at your local beach, it’s always helpful to know a few things about working with sand.

Check out these sandcastle building tips so you will be ready!

  • Gather all the tools that will help you with your building.Shovel for scooping and packing the sand, Measuring spoons of different sizes for making windows, large buckets for hauling water and building material, small bucket for shaping towers and columns, paint stirrer for sketching and smoothing the sand, offset spatula and plastic knife for carving shapes and details, straws for blowing excess sand away for the more delicate touches.
  • Outline the area in which you would like to build and bring a huge pile of sand from outside the outline to use in building the castle, Have water ready to use to moisten the sand for molding.
  • Fine powdery sand is the best kind of sand to use for building, The coarser the sand, the harder it is to use.
  • Try the ball test. Walk down near the waterline where you have wet sand. Get a handful of sand and make a   ball with it. Toss the ball back and forth, and if the ball stays together without cracking, you have found the right sand.
  • Use a sandcastle mold to get a professional-looking castle. Pack the sand down firmly in the mold as you fill it. Fill the mold a quarter full and then pack it. Then fill the mold halfway more and pack it down. Continue until the mold is full; move it to the place you want it and tap the places as you lift.
  • Make straight edges with a board. Stairs can be made easily by pushing a board down, pull back and then repeat this action to make as many steps as you need.
  • Keep your castle damp. If your castle dries out, it can weaken and crumble. Bring a bucket of fresh water to the beach with you and a spray bottle to spray on your castle.



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