Party Plan: Summer Sandcastle Party

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If you have access to a beach area during the summer at a lake, river or the ocean—be it at your own summer place or at a public park—you might want to entertain your family and friends with a summer sandcastle party.

Things to consider as you set up your party:
• Be certain you have legal access to the beach area you hope to use. Check on the rules of usage at your public park or ask your neighbors if you can use the beach in front of your homes.
• Decide who your party guests will be. This party could work well for children or for adults or for multi-generational teams—any way you choose to set up your gathering, it should be lots of fun.

• If you decide to have a children’s party, you should buy or borrow beach umbrellas, sandcastle-building toys as well as plastic bowls of all sizes. Ask guests to come dressed in swimsuits and ask their parents to send sunscreen, hats/visors and beach towels with their children.
• You can see if the children would like to create sandcastles on their own or if they would prefer to work in teams. Encourage the guests, demonstrate some techniques for them, and walk around to offer support.
• Take photos when everyone is finished so you can send them to their parents. You can also have some creative awards that would allow all the guests to get one.

• Be sure to have lots of ice, water, juice and snacks to keep the guests hydrated and satisfied. Avoid serving snacks with icing or chocolate that could melt easily in the sun.
• If your guests are adults, you can set up workstations on the beach marked with plastic caution tape or wide ribbon. This way no one’s sandcastle or sculpture can intrude on another person’s. You can ask your guests to bring their own sunscreen, hats and building supplies like plastic knives and forks, plastic bowls and boxes to build their creations.

• If you want, you can ask your guests to contemplate their creations before the party, and then you can have a time limit on building. Decide if your guests can work in pairs or larger teams.
• Set up a sound system to keep your guests boogeying as they work. To treat your guests well, be sure you have lots of ice, water, soft drinks, beer and of course, hand-held snacks for your guests to enjoy.

• When your time limit is up, take photos of all the creations and you might even want to have all your guests vote on their favorites. The entire idea is to have fun together and being imaginative!

Check websites on the Internet for ideas; and are good sites.

Shift those sands and have fun!

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