Party Pointer: Make Your Flowers Last Longer

When you pick or buy flowers to use for a party or are given flowers as a hostess gift, you want to make your flowers last longer. Their beauty and color enhance your home, and you want to enjoy it for as many days as possible.

Here are some pointers for making your flowers continue to bring you joy!

  1.  Select a clean vase that fits the height of the flowers you will be using. Make sure you have cleaned the vase thoroughly with hot water and soap to eliminate bacteria that can cause your flowers to decay.
  2. Cut your garden flowers in the early evening, when the stalks are filled with water. Use a sharp knife or flower cutters to cut the stems on a diagonal to avoid pinching the water channels of the stalks.
  3. Tap water will work with your flowers, but filtered water is better.
  4. Put your blossoms in water quickly, and let them rest in a cool, dark spot for a few hours to stabilize.
  5. Remove all leaves that will be under water or that you don’t really need. Foliage that sits in water rots and gives off ethylene, a gas that shortens the life of the flowers. Don’t remove any thorns on the flower stems.
  6. Add a preservative, which you can get from a florist to the vase water. Or you can try adding one-fourth cup of carbonated, non-diet soda that contains lemon and sugar. Lemon lowers the pH, sugar replaces the plant’s glucose and carbonation keeps bacteria down.
  7. Display the bouquet away from sun and cold drafts. A cool north- or east-facing room is best.
  8. Change the water in your arrangement every other day, adding more preservative each time. Take that opportunity to pull out any dead elements and recut the bottoms of the stems on the diagonal. Then you can rearrange the flowers left to create a whole new look.

Follow these pointers so you can ensure the long life of your beautiful flowers! Enjoy!



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