Party Plan: More Memory Sharing Ideas

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If you want to remember wonderful times with your family and friends at special milestone parties, here are more memory sharing ideas:

Create party activities using photos—you can make a display board with pictures of the honoree with questions for the guests to try to answer. For example, you might number and display the graduating senior’s school pictures in random order and see who can put them in the correct order. You might have photos of the anniversary couple with their children, family members and friends over the years displayed for guests to guess the identity of those pictured.

Cover a wall with a roll of butcher paper or seamless bulletin board paper available at office supply stores. Have a basket of colored markers placed by the mural so that guests can leave message, funny doodles, or creative outlines of themselves or the guest of honor. Start by creating a message of welcome or a greeting to the honoree on the sign prior to the party. The honoree can clip the doodles and messages after the party and preserve them in a scrapbook.

You might want to create a special keepsake t-shirt(s) for the honoree if he/she is someone who might wear it (or create a pillow out of it). Have a plain t-shirt and fabric markers and paint pens with it ready for guests to sign and write short messages for the honoree.

You might prefer to create a keepsake tablecloth for the honoree, using a plain purchased tablecloth, an appropriate length of fabric, or a full-size bed-sheet. This cloth could be on the display table with the fabric markers for the guests to sign and write messages throughout the evening.

Create a time capsule to be opened in 10, 20 or 30 years. You could ask the guests to bring with them something that reflects the year in some way—a grocery store receipt, a school program, a newspaper clipping, a movie poster or favorite CD of the year. Hold a small ceremony at the party as you place all of these items into the can to be opened by the honoree at the later date. Be sure to include a few notes of appreciation and pride for the honoree. He/she will certainly cherish these notes from influential people later in his/her life.

You can also create a graduation time capsule—you may ask your guests to bring a photo, document, or small object that expresses what was special about their high school or college years, Place these mementos in the capsule, and as it is filled, each graduate can tell what what he/she is contributing and what it means to him/her. Make plans to open it at a special reunion party in 5 or 10 years.

You might want to create a trivia game about the honoree to see how well the guests know them. You can print copies of the questions to have on the tables as an ice-breaker as guests help each other answer them. You might choose to conduct this activity with all the guests at the time you are making speeches or presentations.

Ask the guests to share what they will or do remember about their high school/college years or graduation, their own milestone birthdays or their weddings or anniversaries.

Make a memory quilt for the honoree as a keepsake. Send each guest a small fabric square before the party on which he/she can stitch, appliqué, draw or transfer a photo or message and customize as desired. The squares are then collected in advance, so they can be stitched together into a memory quilt to be presented at the party.

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