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If you are looking for Iess-stressful solutions for party-giving, Simplify Entertaining is the book to check out.

Simplify Entertaining by Mary Barber and Sara Corpening is the part of the Simpler Life series published by Reader Digest. Reader’s Digest produced these tall thin spiral-bound books which lay flat, making them easier to read. Other books in the series include Simplify Your Wedding, Simplify Your Life, and Simplify Your Holidays.

Full of party-giving guidelines, ideas, quick tips, simple solutions and checklists for creating the perfect gathering, this book is helpful to novice and veteran hosts. Hundreds of practical suggestions, strategies, inspirational photos and cute colorful cartoons illustrating party do’s and don’t’s can be found throughout..

Identical twin authors Sara Corpening and Mary Corpening Barber are co-owners of a catering company in San Francisco. They were trained in two top culinary schools in France and New York City and worked in top restaurants in New York and San Francisco. They have collaborated on two previous books with coauthor Lori Lynn Narlock, and made many media appearances.

The book covers planning the perfect party, moving your plans forward, asking for help from friends, professional caters and florists, pouring drinks with ease, setting the stage for a memorable party and painless cleanup and recovery.

I picked up a lot of great tips from this resource. For instance, they showed a number of clever ways to keep drinks cold at a party. I liked using a child’s inflatable wading pool for ice and cans at a pool party, a wheelbarrow for ice and drinks at an outdoor party, a farm bushel basket for bottles of wine at a casual party and in a long tin basket trimmed with ty leaves for ice and drinks at a luau party. I also liked the idea of buying precut foods to speed your party food preparation.

For a great all-around party guide, check out Simplify Entertaining. It is available online.

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