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With October 31 on the horizon, check out Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again by Tom Nardone for some last-minute tips on making your home a spooky spot!

As a follow-up to his two Extreme Pumpkins books, author Tom Nardone has again addressed the broader scope of Halloween celebrating in his guide to making Halloween terrifying again. This go-round he includes costumes, creatures, pranks, pumpkins, party food and more so you can “prepare to scare.”

Nardone considers the holiday as a battleground between the goody-goodies and the cool people—obviously his goal is to make his readers “the cool people” who celebrate Halloween in the silliest, weirdest ways. He makes his manual easy to use with time required, cost and difficulty ratings for each project which have full-color photos and complete instructions.

The first part of the book, “Extreme Yard Tricks” includes a creepy millipede, killer scorpion, a giant yard serpent, baby-eating yard monster and other backyard beasts. Nardone tells you how to construct a moving zip-line ghost, a coffin full of scares, a Halloween swinging hangman, and a scary scarecrow for the porch. Readers can make their own “rising from the dead’ scene or rig a tricky dark doorway and talking trashcan

Nardone’s flaming pumpkin tiki torches would make an amazing opening for a luau party (and could use watermelons instead of pumpkins). He includes silly epitaphs to paint on gravestones, creepy things to do with a coffin and candy dispensers and directions for making a kiddie candy thief alarm, a motion-sensor scare machine, and fake blood.

“Extreme Party Tricks” fill the second half of this guide. Nardone describes simple costumes you can make from clothes or household items you already have, even demented ways to dress up your baby! I especially love the Old Blanket Burrito for the unprepared guest at a costume party and floor –mop costume for a crawling child. He describes show to build a gourmet Extreme Pumpkin Carving Table with stations for party guests to work on their wildest contest creations out of sawhorses and plywood.

Ideas for pumpkin pranks, the haunted lavatory, having a living head on a platter, creepy centerpieces, and recipes for some of the grossest Halloween foods I’ve ever seen are featured. Nardone even shows a Halloween feast of edible food that is displayed as a roasted human being—make sure you invite the right crowd for this—it’s not for the faint of heart! If your family is really into making Halloween a fright-fest, you will want to read Nardone’s book!

This book is available online.

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