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When it comes to the holidays that inspire the most excitement for Martha Stewart Living’s readers. Halloween is rivaled only by Christmas. Halloween is a compilation of the best Halloween ideas published in the magazine.

Organized in two sections, Halloween has wonderful full-color photographs and instructions for its many projects. In “Tricking,” pranksters will find every kind of pumpkin carving, eerie lighting, and decorating and dramatic makeup ideas. “Treating” provides the recipes for having a Halloween feast or party for adults or children. Many of the crafts in this book require patience and skill and really are for adults and older children. But the ideas are inspirational even if you produce them in a simpler form.

In the “Lighting the Night” section, photographs of over-the-top outdoor light shows created with dozens and dozens of lighted and carved pumpkins are delightful to pour over. Templates for many designs are included in the book as are instructions for how to replicate the “Martha Look.” My favorites are the brown-bag cut-out luminaries and the monogrammed pumpkins.

“Conjuring the Glow”’ shows all sorts of pumpkins and squashes glowing with candles; it even shows you how
to make your own molded candles in hollowed-out squash. I’ve been trying to figure out where I could hang a wreath lamp for my next party–after covering a grapevine wreath with fall leaves and adding carved-out mini-pumpkins with tea lights, you have a marvelous autumn chandelier.

“Trading Faces” shows step-by-step photos so you can recreate the elaborate face makeups for a skeleton, black widow, mummy, barroom brawler, vampire, cat and kitten, as well as fancy masks you can make.” Haunting a House” shows imaginative white chiffon silhouettes to use in your home for ghostly effect, as well as black paper silhouettes of black cats and bats that only require scissors and double-sided tape to put up.

In the final section, party ideas and recipes abound. Showcased are a pumpkin-carving party with funny vegetable pumpkin faces and a Halloween crafting party with great vintage-look paper-plate masks. The menu items look as good as they are bound to taste. I want to make the buttermilk pumpkin cake that is baked in two Bundt cake pans, put bottom to bottom and iced to look a pumpkin. I also can’t wait to hollow out some little sugar pumpkins to fill with warm winter stews—what a perfect presentation ideas for a Halloween or Thanksgiving dinner!

Martha Stewart Living has the archives and resources to produce amazing elegant Halloween creations; so if you don’t have a stack of old MSL October issues in your closet, you will find lots of great ideas in this book

.Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living is available online.

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