Party Plan: Office Thanksgiving Party Ideas

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Check out these office Thanksgiving party ideas to find some you might be able to encourage your coworkers to try.


  • Decorate the office for the season–you could decorate doors or windows in a contest
  • Have an office Thanksgiving meal together-if you have a place for everyone to sit down together, have a hot catered holiday meal together and go around the table to ask everyone to say what they are thankful for.
  • Have an office potluck meal together–you all might want to choose a theme for the types of food (Italian, Mexican, etc.) and have a sign-up so you will get a variety of food items.
  •  Find a wide wall space where co-workers can place colorful sticky-note messages of gratitude to other co-workers.
  •  Have an appetizers party at the end of a workday before Thanksgiving–close the office early so everyone can visit before going home.
  •  Have a fall dessert or pie party midday–you could have everyone bring their favorite pies and vote on everyone’s favorite.
  •  Have everyone bring a favorite leftover for a lunch together on the day after Thanksgiving. On a busy Black Friday, this would energize your coworkers.
  •  Have a cooking contest the week before Thanksgiving–have a chili cookoff or the best cranberry dish or pie to get your coworkers psyched up. Make sure the men participate along with the women.
  •  Write veryone bring a dish to swap with another coworker to take home for Thanksgiving dinner–bring the recipe along!
  •  Bring food donations for the local foodbank– in the month before the holiday,have office teams and competitions about who collects the most.
  •  Have a charitable collection–coats for kids, blankets, or gloves for the homeless.
  •  Go bowling with pumpkins–Set up a bowling game with a pumpkin and ten water bottles, and unleash the fun.
  •  Rolling pumpkins can cause lots of laughter as office team members take turns rolling real pumpkins in a relay down a hallway course to find the winners.
  • Have the staff bring in homemade baked goods to share as thank-you gifts for your office customers.
  •  Set up a Thanksgiving photo booth with seasonal props–folks can take photos on their cell phones and share them with their friends,



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