Party Plan: Plan Activities for Out of Town Holiday Guests

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Are you expecting guests for the holidays? Family coming in for Thanksgiving or Christmas? As you start cleaning your house and planning your grocery lists, don’t forget that you also need to plan activities for out of town holiday guests. Having options ready for things to do together with your guests will make their visits all the more merry!

Check the Internet, and create lists of tourist locations and local activities in your hometown or area that would appeal to guests of all ages and interests. It might be helpful to list the possible places to visit or activities in which to participate by topics or interests. Below are listed some categories that would make helpful lists:

  • Top 5 High Spots for History Lovers
  • Top 5 Challenges for Children
  • Top 5 Special Activities for the Sporty Set
  • Top 5 Activities for Making Memories with Loved Ones
  • Top 5 Activities for Fans of Fresh Air
  • Top 5 Ways to be Sweet to Your Sweet Tooth
  • Top 5 Spots for Super Shopping
  • Top 5 Puppy Love Places
  • Top Holiday Activities for Families
  • Top 5 Make-You-Smile People-Watching Spots
  • Top 5 Sources of Christmas Cheer
  • Top 5 Community Seasonal Events
  • Top 5 Seasonal Musical Events

Keep these lists on your computer and update them by season or year. They will be most helpful for your guests and for you in planning memorable visits!

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