Recipe: Cranberry Salsa

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Cranberries have always been one of my favorite seasonal foods; I love cranberry juice, cranberry relish and so much more! So it thrills me that nowadays we can enjoy most cranberry foods all year long.

When I recently discovered this cranberry salsa recipe, I knew it was going to join my collection of favorites! It’s super-easy to make–only three ingredients, easy and inexpensive to find at your local grocery store. One, two, three–and you’re ready to eat this cranberry salsa which is so-oo wonderful!

Since salsa and chips can be served alone or as an appetizer among many, this recipe can be used often. When the football bowl games and play-offs are popular for December and January weekends, you may want to stock up on the ingredients so you can whip this up as often as you and your friends gather. You can buy whole-berry cranberry sauce all year long, so you can enjoy this treat as often as you like.

Cranberry Salsa


1 can whole berry cranberry sauce or equivalent of homemade

12 ounces of fresh  salsa

2 tablespoons of jalapenos, chopped, more or less to taste


Place the cranberry sauce in a medium-sized bowl and mash the berries slightly with the back of a spoon Drain your salsa and add it to the cranberry sauce in the bowl.  Stir, Then add the chopped jalapenos and stir.  Taste and add more jalapenos if desired. Serve this with tortilla chips or crackers–I particularly like Tostitos.

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