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With Presidents Day on the horizon, you might want to learn more about how our nation’s leaders have opened their home to thousands of guests over the years. Check out Entertaining at the White House to see what presidential hospitality has been and is like.

Entertaining at the White House: Decades of Presidential Traditions richly documents 60 years of entertaining customs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This book offers readers an insider’s invitation into the White House’s greatest events and intimate insight into the planning, innovation, and unparalleled generosity that went into these occasions created by each of the first families, from the Kennedys to the Trumps.

With fervor and congeniality, author Jennifer B. Pickens portrays the pomp and pageantry of state dinners, the family-friendly festivities of popular American traditions, and more hosted at the iconic address. Backed by thorough research and over 400 photographs, many never seen before, as well as charming anecdotes from presidents, first ladies, White House staff, and reporters, Pickens details how each first couple personally shaped social diplomacy and entertaining style at the Executive Mansion.

Traditions such as the Presidential Inauguration, annual Governors Ball, Easter Egg Roll, Fourth of July, Turkey Pardon, and, of course, Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations during the most magical time at the historic home are highlighted.

Unique occasions such as the one and only White House prom, a dinner for the Apollo 11 astronauts, the White House 200th anniversary celebration, weddings, and, most recently, First Lady Melania Trump’s dinners in honor of White House history are featured alongside scenes from private presidential retreats, where many first families not only found respite, but also entertained important world leaders.

In addition to details such as invitations, place settings, flowers, china, food, and fashion, Entertaining at the White House also spotlights the iconic performers at events during this time, from Bob Hope to America’s own amazing military musicians and vocalists.

You will feel as if you have been on the guest list for many special Washington events by studying this wonderful cocktail table book

This book is available online.

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