Party Plan: Key to My Heart Valentine Party

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If you are trying to decide how to celebrate the holiday of love on February 14, you need to decide if you want to entertain just one special person or with a number of other important individuals. Either way, you can use this Key to My Heart Valentine Party theme. Check out the ideas here for ones you can use.

In order to use this theme, you will need to locate keys to use as decorations and favors. I have found oversize decorative keys at Michael’s; you may found some at other craft stores in your area. The keys can be used on decorative invitations, or each guest can be sent a real key that will unlock a real lock attached to a heart at the party. The decorative keys might also be used as table favors or attached to place-cards for guests.

You might find a box or treasure chest (check your local thrift store) in which you can store a prize or special trinkets and which you can lock with a lock from your local hardware store. Decorative keys attached to clues might lead guests on a scavenger hunt to find the real key and prize.

You could also buy key favors for your guests to be used in making Key to My Heart cards or crafts. You can gather scraps of lace, colored Valentine print papers, stickers, adhesive letters and other craft items with scissors, tape and glue for use in crafting. You could also have jewelry findings and pretty thin ribbons or cording so you can make necklaces with the decorative keys. Your guests should enjoy the chance to express their creativity.

If you are serving dinner to your special someone or other loved ones, obviously you will want to fix their favorite foods.Your party dessert can include candy or cookies in the shape of hearts and keys. You could also bake a Valentine cake that has a real key wrapped in plastic hidden in the batter. The guest who finds the key has the opportunity to try it in a real lock guarding a special gift in a treasure box.

You will also need a light romantic playlist to enhance the party atmosphere, especially if it’s an intimate two-person dinner. If you can include your favorite love songs, you know you’ll impress your special someone. You might also look up some “key to my heart” quotations on the Internet to use in a toast or in a love “conversation.”

This is a lovely way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with the ones you love! Enjoy!

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