Party Pointer: Party in Place during the Pandemic

We are now living in the most unprecedented times with the coronavirus pandemic dictating our activities. Everything is effected–school, business, church, and virtually everything in our everyday lives. Of course, that means how we celebrate special occasions have to change since those times are usually social ones. Thus, we are going to have to learn to party in place during the pandemic.

  • This is a perfect time to research on the Internet the kinds of parties you hope to host in the coming year–birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays. This is the time to research themes, decorations, activities, menus and more. By the time pandemic issues are different, you will have your plans in order.
  • You can, of course, postpone your party until the pandemic issues have cleared. Just as many graduations and events have been postponed for many months in the future, you can postpone your celebrations for upcoming months.
  • You can party with just your immediate family at home. There will be other times to have outside friends gather for celebrating. Don’t skimp on the decorations, special menu and activities just because it’s just the family.
  • You can make use of current technology to celebrate in place. You could set up a conference phone call amongst your special friends at a specific time so you all can celebrate together. The app Zoom allows groups of friends to meet together all on the same screen.The honoree could set up a Skype session with special friends to talk and reminisce. Party guests in groups of less than ten, while maintaining social distancing, could get together to create a YouTube video for the honoree. Individual guests can do FaceTime phone calls with the honoree.
  • Party guests (and parents) can set up a party parade of vehicles to drive by the honoree’s residence. The honoree and family can be invited by phone to come to their yard to enjoy the parade. The parade vehicles can be decorated for the occasion, and music can be played out open windows. Guests can make signs or shout their greetings out the window as they slowly pass the home of the honoree.
  • Party guests can create large poster-board or foam-core signs with their celebratory sentiments and post those in the honoree’s yard. Guests could also hold up these signs for the honoree after ringing his or her home door bell.
  • Party guests could hold a virtual party by watching a particular movie or music videos in their own homes at the same time as the honoree and other guests. Then all the guests could give their comments on the movie or video by email, text to all the other guests.
  • Party guests can be asked to send the honoree special celebratory messages by email.The honoree can print out these messages and save them in a notebook  so her  or she can look at the at a later time. Guests could also attach photos of the honoree and themselves to the email message.

These are just a few ways you can party in place during the pandemic. Let us pray that this crisis will pass quickly with the least loss of life.

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