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Does your best friend love The Little Mermaid? Is your Lion King-obsessed sister hosting a baby shower? Would your family movie night benefit from a little Aladdin magic? Have your children seen every Disney video?

When I was a little girl, my brothers and I watched the Disney show on television every Sunday night–animated cartoons, animal stories, historical shows like The Prince and the Pauper and Johnny Tremaine, and  more. It was our favorite program.

I also heard tales of how my aunt was in a city theatre contest to choose a winner for the premier of the Disney movie Cinderella. And then when the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty came out, there was a new princess to love. My mother made me a costume version of Aurora’s blue gown, copying a picture in my coloring book–it was light blue taffeta with puffed sleeves just like the gown in the movie. I adored it, and wore that princess dress until it was in tatters.

So Disney and Disney princesses have long been a part of my life. Thus, you can understand why I was delighted to discover the Entertaining with Disney: Exceptional Events book. I invite you to check out this resource. Celebrate your love of Disney with this gorgeous party-planning guide to creating magical and memorable events.

Entertaining With Disney is the only official Disney guide to exceptional events ranging from Halloween pumpkin carving, elegant dinner parties, fun birthday bashes, and sophisticated New Year eve soirees. Written by party planning expert Amy Croushorn, this is a must-have event planning guide for Disney Princesses of all ages.

Over 90 years of Disney inspiration can be found in this one book. From Mickey Mouse to The Little Mermaid, to Frozen, this book is rich with Disney history and beloved characters. It offers a party for every occasion with ideas spanning Brunches, barbecues, birthdays and dinner parties, this is a true year-round event planning guide for all Disney fans.

For example, Entertaining with Disney features–

— Elegant recipes. Learn how to make Ariel’s Ocean Toast, Simba’s Charcuterie Board, Elsa’s Eggnog and many more Disney-themed dishes, drinks, and desserts.

— Stunning Decorations. Parties are more than just food! Dress up your event with easy to make items such as a “Never Grow Up” party backdrop, Magic Carpet Picnic Blanket, and a Maleficent Welcome Wreath.

So, if you or your family members are life-long Disney fans, this is the book for you!

This book is available online.

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