Party Plan: Make a Marvelous Mothers Day

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Mother’s Day this year is an occasion for you and your family to make quality time with that special woman in your life– your mother. A great way to do this would be to try some activities and games for Mother’s Day fun. These can help you get closer to your mother and have a more memorable holiday.

Here are some interesting ideas to make a marvelous Mothers Day:

Movies for Mom—Gather the whole family together to enjoy a movie or two about mothers to celebrate your mother’s special day. Some great “mom” movies include Stella Dallas, Auntie Mame, Stepmom, Sound of Music, Hope Floats, The Incredibles, Mrs. Miniver, and I Remember Mama. Be sure your mother gets her favorite drink and her own bowl of popcorn! Afterwards, discuss the mothers in the movies–their good qualities and ones that need improvement.

Interviews—Organize a special interview with your mother or grandmother. If you have a smartphone or camcorder, record the event and take a few pictures. This session will help you know more about your mother. if you ask your mother about her childhood, her parents, friends, neighbors, and teachers. You can also ask her about how she met your father, her best moments and the most trying circumstances of her life. Ask her about your birth and childhood, as well as those of your siblings. Get someone in the family who is computer savvy to edit the video and add music and titles–show the video to the whole family on Mother’s Day. You can also get different family members to record their favorite memories of your mother and add that to her video interview.

Mother’s Day game ideas–
How Well Do You Know Me? Divide into four mother/child teams. Ask the mothers to leave the room while the children sit in chairs. Ask the same four or five questions to each child about their mothers (Question Ideas: favorite color, movie, dress, or animal; memorable moment with you; best friend, hobby, talent, food, animal, cartoon, pizza topping, ice cream topping, or restaurant; most embarrassing moment, favorite holiday). Bring in the mothers, and ask them the same questions. Will the mother and child have the same answers? Switch places and see how well the mothers know the children. Award a white carnation to the winning mother/child team.

Memorable Momisms: Everyone who ever had a mother knows some “momisms.” These proverbs of motherly advice transcend cultures and generations. In teams of family members, make up a list of the most common and popular momisms; the team with the most wins—these maxims should be read aloud for additional fun.

Another option is to have the teams create their own crazy momisms and after sharing them, everyone can rate them for the most creative. Some typical momisms include the following: Money does not grow on trees; Don’t make that face or it’ll freeze in that position; If I talked to my mother like you talk to me…. ; Always change your underwear– you never know when you’ll have an accident.

Maternal Music Masterpieces: Give each team of family members a different popular tune (My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Joy to the World, etc.) to which they can create lyrics about Mom. Have each group perform their songs for everyone (singing ability is not a requirement for this game), and you can honor each group’s masterpiece with crazy awards like “most creative use of rhyme” or “most frequent use of the word Mom.”

M.O.T.H.E.R.: Play this game just like Bingo—give everyone a card with the word MOTHER spelled across the top ; you can create this template on your computer and make copies. In the blocks are words or pictures to show why mothers are important. This will teach children the value of what it means to be a mother and will also provide a keepsake for your mother to treasure.

What’s in Your Purse?: You can also give out blank cards, and let everyone write in the names of items they think Mom has in her purse. Then as you hold up each item in your mother’s purse, those players who wrote in that item can put marker on that space. The player who put the most number of correct items on his/her card is the winner.

Mothers Remember: This game can also be done with all the mothers of the family–mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers by phone, Skype or Zoom. Have each mother set up a list of things they remember their mother doing. When the list is done, have each of the mothers pick one thing from the list and act it out. The game is a great way to celebrate why each mother and child feel how much their mother means to them. Any age group can play.

Piecing Together the Past: Get some photographs of your mother when she was younger. Set them all out on the table and try to guess at what age she did what she did. This can be done using paper copies of these pictures or by scanning them to make it a game on the computer screen for everyone to do. The photographs will give more insight into what your mother has done in her life and why certain events were important to her. This can also be done with pictures of your grandmother. Looking back is a wonderful journey.

You are bound to learn more about your mother from these intentional activities–these could be real eye-openers! If you would like to make a marvelous Mother’s Day for that special lady in your life, the first thing you need to do is to consider her dearest desires and interests.

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