Party Plan: Pandemic Graduation Celebrations

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Graduation is an exciting time for any student who has studied for years in high school, college or graduate school. There are all kinds of expected and anticipated rituals and ceremonies associated with the special timesĀ  that have been cancelled or postponed because of our current coronavirus crisis. But students need the acknowledgement and celebrations, so here are some pandemic graduation celebrations that you might plan for your beloved graduates.

Some school systems have arranged for their seniors to participate in some traditional activities, and some have scheduled ceremonies for the end of summer or next fall. But many members of the Class of 2020 and their families have been left on their own to plan graduation activities.

Purchase of disposable caps and gowns can be set up online so seniors can buy their own.

Senior photos can be taken at home by a family member on a cell phone. Take several casual shots as well as several in cap and gown. If you have a professional photographer in your neighborhood, perhaps he/she can take pictures outdoors for seniors maintaining social distancing and taking orders online.

If voting for Senior Superlatives has always been popular, voting can be carried on online. If the senior class has an email roster, that can be used, or the voting could be promoted through a Facebook group or another social media app. After a designated voting period, the results like Most Likely to Succeed can all be posted in the same ways. A Senior Prophecy can be written and distributed in much the same way.

Just as many churches across the nation have gone to online worship using different technologies, school systems can do the same thing to broadcast graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, graduation speeches and the like on public access television or online so graduates and their family and friends can watch from home.

As to the celebrations, Zoom meetings can be set up so the graduates can see each other to shout out happy greetings. Small graduation parties of ten or less can be held outdoors in neighborhood cul de sacs or driveways while maintaining social distancing. Graduates can be honored with car parades of friends past their houses, or graduates can participate in car parades through their neighborhoods so all can wave and cheer for the community graduates.

Friends can post yard signs of celebration for their favorite graduates to alert the neighborhood as to their neighbors’ good fortune. Bumper stickers can be ordered for friends and neighbors to put on their cars with messages of celebration for the Class of 2020.

Celebrating at home with your graduate is very important. Decorate the house and the dinner table. Prepare the graduate’s favorite foods. Talk about family memories of the graduate growing up. Take pictures and videos of your family party to share with others on social media.

Take the time to write a special letter for your graduate expressing your deep feelings so that he or she will have this keepsake to save to commemorate the Graduation of 2020.

While this year’s graduation will not be those of years past, it can be a most special memory of its own. Enjoy!




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