Party Plan: Fathers Day Fun

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This year, families have more time together to plan and execute activities for Dad’s big day. Here are ideas for Fathers Day fun that might help you to create a memorable day for the special man in the life of your family. Don’t forget to capture this family time with photos so you’ll have the memories for a lifetime.

  • Help young children make or pick out appropriate gifts for Dad. Explain to them what Dad likes and what kinds of gifts are traditional in your family. Take them shopping, and use the time to explain the significance of Father’s Day to them. If the children need money to purchase a gift (and most do), give them a few dollars and show them two or three things they can buy with it. Be sure they make Dad a special card to accompany the gift. and take it up to him when he wakes up (let him sleep late if that’s something he likes)—be sure to include his favorite morning treats. Make sure he has a cup of coffee or tea, as well as the day’s newspaper and a sharp pencil if he enjoys doing the crossword.
  • Give Dad the gift of freedom and choice. Let him make decisions about what to do and how to spend the day. If he’s a sports fan, accompany him to see a favorite team play. Is fishing his passion? Even if you’re not so keen on bait, go along with him if he wants you to. If he wants a few hours to himself, indulge him. He deserves it!
  • Make it a no-stress, no-squabbling day for Dad. What he probably wants most is to have a day free from any pressure, even the pressure of having a “perfect day.” Dad might appreciate no deadlines, no hassles, no chores, no fussing or fighting on this special day. Remind the children to be on their best behavior for Dad. Let him really relax.
  • Have a bucket list of Dad’s favorite activities to suggest. Some dads can’t think of what they might like to do—have a list of ideas ready for him. Does Dad love to fish but hasn’t had any time lately? Maybe Father’s Day should be his yearly fishing day. Is Dad a big sports fan? Is there a game he would like to go see? How about time at the driving range or the batting booth?
  • Arrange an adventure for Dad. If Dad loves boating, sailing, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, exploring new places, arrange for the family to accompany him on a Father’s Day outing.
  • Learn a skill from Dad. Some fathers want to pass on skills to their children or grandchildren. Set up a time for Dad to share activities in which he is good at or something the children wish to learn from him. It could be anything from home repairs to replacing a flat tire or fly-fishing. Dad will enjoy helping his children learn from his experience.
  • Dining with Dad is an important family tradition to establish on Father’s Day. It may be a special midday or evening meal. Children can either cook food for Dad, or treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant. If the whole family can’t be together at once, Dad might enjoy several meals over the weekend with different members of the family.  If Dad loves to cook, but doesn’t have time during the week, weekend times like Father’s Day might be the perfect time to let him indulge his culinary interests.
  • Get Dad to tell stories—about himself and his life! Get Dad to tell the children some things about himself that they didn’t know – it could be a favorite spot or a secret dream he had as a kid. Get Dad to tell them a few anecdotes from his childhood — especially ones where he got into trouble or about his dad–their grandfather.
  • Organize a Father’s Day family reunion. If your family is large and includes lots of fathers, an annual get-together is a wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day. Take turns hosting it at different homes each year so the same person doesn’t have all the work all the time. At the reunion, Take pictures–family pictures, generation pictures, and pictures of all the grandkids and great-grandkids. Why not challenge all the dads with a chili cook-off? Dads, grandfathers and uncles will enjoy this friendly competition, which will serve as the centerpiece for the family meal.

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