Party Plan: July 4 Party Games

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What are you doing at your Independence Day celebration? Before or after the meal is served, what will you do? Just visiting with your family and friends may be all you need to be happy, but some guests need some activities to keep their attention. Be sure to keep your guests at appropriate distances and wearing face masks. Have handwashing stations and hand-sanitizer available for your guests to use.

Here are some July 4 party games that might appeal to both children and adults:

  • Ask your guests to wear red, white and blue to your party and to create a costume at home for a best patriot costume contest. when everyone arrive.
  • Gather supplies on hand like red, white and blue beads, t-shirts, Mylar star garland, bandanas, crepe paper streamers, paper party hats and other patriotic accessories into grocery bags for two to four teams. Then have each team chose two of its members to dress in patriotic costumes in three minutes. Then after the costumed team members parade in their outfits, choose a winning creative team.
  • Use the Internet to find famous patriotic short speeches like “Give me liberty or give me death,” print them out on your home computer printer, and have each guest choose one from a basket and recite it aloud to the group. When everyone is finished, vote on the best speech-maker.
  • Quiz your guests or teams on who can name the original thirteen colonies in one minute or all fifty states or all the US presidents in two minutes. Give them paper and pens to use. Once you have determined who got the most correct on the first go-round, see if those guests can get the rest of the answers in another minute.
  • Ask each guest give an American historical fact, and have the rest of the guests guess if the fact is true or made-up. Once every guest has had a turn, repeat the process with those guests who fooled the group, Continue until you have a winner.
  • Use the Internet to find patriotic trivia and create trivia questions which you can print on your home computer printer. Have individual  guests or teams of guests complete the trivia contest, and then share the answers to determine who the winner(s) are.
  • Fill a clear glass container with red, white and blue candies or red and white peppermint candies so that your guests can guess how many candies are in the jar. The guest who guesses the closet to the correct amount wins the container.
  • Print out on your home computer printer lines from different patriotic songs and cut them out in strips you fold and put in a basket. Have each guest select a piece of paper. The guest must name the title of the song whose lyrics are on the paper. Bonus points can be awarded to those who can also name the song artist. Examples of songs to use might include “Through the night with a light”  from God Bless America or “Mind the music and the steps” from Yankee Doodle.
  • Give each guest one token of either red, white or blue, When you start this game of tag, each player tries to be the first to gather a token of each color by tagging other players.
  • Fill a large number of red, white and blue water balloons, place them equally in two buckets, and divide your guests into two teams. The first player on each team runs to a chair that has been set up for each team. The player picks up a water balloon and places it on the chair to sit on and pop. As soon as the player pops the balloon, he/she runs back to his/her team so the next player may run forward. This continues until all the water balloons are popped. The team finishing their balloons first wins.
  • Plant patriotic trinkets around your yard or neighborhood for a patriotic scavenger hunt. On your home computer printer, print a list of the items to find. Divide your guests into teams and send them out with a time limit in which to be back with their finds. The team finding the most items is the winner.
  • Divide your guests into two teams and each team member has to run to a table which has red, white and blue balloons and ribbon strips on it. When the team member reaches the table, he/she is to blow up a balloon, tie it with the ribbon, and run back to their team with the balloon. The next team member is to take the balloon and then repeat the process, choosing a different color balloon. The second team member runs back with two balloons and repeats the process.  Holding on to the balloons on each subsequent trip to the table becomes the challenges. This continues until one team has six balloons, two of each color, before the other to win.
  • Have paper and colored markers for your guests to create their own version of an American flag, Display these flags for everyone to see and have their creators explain their choice of colors and emblems. Then let them vote on their favorite which will be the winner.
  • Have your guests sit in a widely spaced circle. The first guest names something red, the next names something white, and the next something blue. Each time someone repeats or can’t think of anything, that guest has to leave the circle. Continue until you have a winner.
  • Set up a backyard obstacle course with obstacles to jump over, run through, or complete. Find some sort of bell to have at the goal line of your course. Divide your guests into two teams, and the first team whose members have completed the course and rung the “Liberty Bell” is the winner.

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