Party Pointer: New Wedding Trends in the Pandemic

June has traditionally been a month for large and destination weddings as have the other warm-weather months. But this year’s pandemic has changed many of our cultural traditions for the short-term, but possibly for the long-term, too. Obviously, couples will continue to get married, but many of the elaborate plans for large events may change.

Many of the weddings planned for 2020 have been rescheduled for next year. Other couples held very small intimate services in the last few months with no friends or relatives in attendance and no receptions. As communities open back up, here are some of the new wedding trends in the pandemic that may continue in “the new normal.”

Small intimate weddings will become more popular. The expense of large weddings may be effected by the downturn in the economy. Cutting back on some of the extra expenses does not negate the beauty and special memories a wedding can bring to the bride and groom and family.

Once churches and wedding venues reopen, weddings will be scheduled, although the number of guests may be limited to maintain social distancing. When the number of guests is limited, the couple needs to remember to include the number of cater workers, the musicians and other workers. Events may be held in larger venues for social distancing. There may be larger tables or fewer guests at each table. More weddings may be held outside which is safer.

Face masks will need to be worn, and hand sanitizer should be available. Waitstaff and vendors should wear masks and gloves. The venue needs to be required to clean carefully and often for the safety of the guests. Many guests may attend the wedding virtually via computer setups.

Wedding receptions may not last as long as they traditionally have. Long cocktail hours with passed appetizers and displays of food may have curtailed.  Meals will probably be plated, instead of being served buffet or family style. Dancing may be eliminated all together or line-dancing become the way to keep guests safe. Fewer waitstaff and vendor workers will be hired to protect the guests to exposure.

A professional photographer can provide the couple and guests who could not attend with wonderful memories of this special day.

Be willing to look beyond the traditional wedding to make yours very special!

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