Tablescape: Building Blocks & Slinkys Tablesetting

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This summer you are probably having dinner with your family. You might have meals indoors or you all may be eating outdoors on your deck, patio or in your backyard. It’s fun to create casual, colorful tablescapes to entertain your family members. Here’s a simple one your children will enjoy–try  this building blocks & slinkys tablesetting.

I started with a bare glasstop table and used round aqua straw placemats. Then I used white dinnerplates, pewter flatware, and clear glass pedestal goblets. To brighten the tablescape, I used colored plastic ice. The plastic ice cubes in varied fruit and flower shapes can be frozen and refrozen, but they don’t melt into your drinks and dilute them like regular ice. These plastic ice cubes can be found in home goods stores and departments with entertaining items.

Then I folded fuschia cotton napkins (paper napkins would work as well) to put on the dinner plates. On top of each napkin, I placed a plastic multi-colored Slinky toy. No one can resist playing with a slinky! These will keep your family members entertained while you are getting the meal ready. I bought these inexpensive toys at Michaels as party favors and I had these four left over.

Then I took  a large  clear-glass  vase to  use  as  a centerpiece and filled it with some colorful plastic building blocks. My sons used to love to play with these blocks which come in square and round shapes. The bright colors of the blocks really set off the tablescape, and can be taken out of the vase if your family wants to play with them.

You  might think this tablesetting is just for children, but  adults are just as fascinated to play with the slinkys and building blocks. This kind of tablesetting is especially great for a meal that takes a while to cook–for instance, when you are grilling items. Have fun!

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