Party Pointer: How to Grow Table Grass

Summer entertaining is free and easy and needs table centerpieces that reflect the simplicity of the great outdoors. Grass centerpieces are perfect for their longevity and adaptability to different styles and colors. They are also perfect for you to create with your children for family fun.

The process of how to grow table grass is simple. It takes about eighteen to twenty days to grow ryegrass, so you need to plan accordingly. Gather your supplies from a garden center:

  • 3-4-inch shallow containers or pots with drainage holes, or long plastic trays with drainage holes
  • potting soil,
  • ryegrass seed,
  • and a spray bottle of water.

Here’s what you do:

  • Fill each container halfway with soil.
  • Sprinkle a solid layer of seeds on the soil, but don’t pile them on top of each other. Rake the seeds with a fork lightly, until they’re covered with soil.
  • Spray lightly to moisten soil. Put the containers in a well-lit area. Keep the soil moist by spraying it a couple of times daily, until the seeds sprout (in about 10 days). Continue to spray the soil daily.
  • Use scissors to “mow” grass as needed when it reaches its desired height.
  • Potted grass will stay green for up to three weeks. You may want to continue growing grass throughout the summer and fall.

You can tie different colored ribbons around the grass containers that coordinate with the colors you are using on your table linens or dishware. You can tie the pots of grass together in groups with ribbon. You can tuck cut flowers or little pots of growing plants or flowers in the container of grass for color. You can tuck colored glass beads or items like colored eggs or decorative items in the grass.

You can also put your grass containers inside decorative containers or baskets. You can set the grass containers in the center of or alternating between other decorative containers. However you use your grass centerpieces, you will find them easy and attractive to use.

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