Party Plan: Host a Zoom Friends Trivia Night

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You want to get together with your friends, but you all are trying to stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Well, now’s the time to employ the technology you use for work and school to host a Zoom friends trivia night. Find out things you didn’t know about your friends.

Go to to sign up for the basic free account and find out how to get the meeting link to send to your friends. Choose a party date that will suit your friends–in these crazy times, a weeknight might work.

Develop a series of 10-15 questions for your guests. Tell something you don’t think anyone knows about you. These are just some conversation starters.

  • Describe your most interesting date.
  • What was one of your favorite pets or favorite pet names growing up?
  • Are there any funny names your parents were thinking about naming you?
  • Name a hobby that no one knows about, or a hobby you wish you had.
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Name a musical artist you try not to admit you like!
  • Write any other funny tidbits about you that you’d like to share.

When you’ve completed the questionnaire, email it out with your invitations. Ask your guests to send you their answers a week before the party date.

Once you have all of your friends’ answers, you can begin putting together the trivia questions and answers on a sheet to use when you play the game.

Now is also a good time to start shopping for prizes. Buying some inexpensive gift cards might be best so that you can mail them to the winners.

Since the game is just as much about having fun as it is about winning, consider awarding category prizes too, including:

  • “Best Embarrassing Moment,” awarded for the funniest embarrassing story.
  • “Most Surprising Guest” can go to the player who stumps her friends with the most revealing trivia.
  • Another suggestion is “Guest with the Best Memory” to call out an individual player who answers the most trivia questions correctly.

Send a reminder email to your friends just before the Zoom meeting with the link. Remind your friends to bring snacks and a drink to their computer desk so they can enjoy them while attending the party.

As the hostess of the party, you’ll also act as the game host. The objective is for individuals to correctly answer as many trivia questions about the other guests as possible. Follow these steps as you begin the game:

  • To play, ask the guests trivia questions about their opponents.
  • Award points for correct answers, keeping score on a dry erase board or chalkboard.
  • The person with the highest score wins!

The party humor will come from the answers to the questions your guests give. Finding out the crazy answers and stories about your guests will help you all learn more about each other, which should help you all feel closer.

No matter who scores the most points, you and your friends will have a fabulous time that’s sure to add another great memory to lasting relationships.

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