Party Pointer: Outdoor Party Lighting

This summer if you have friends over to visit on your patio, deck or backyard, you need to be certain that everyone can see–for safety purposes as well as for festive ambiance. Check out these ideas for outdoor party lighting:

Use candles to create an special atmosphere. Candles don’t provide much light individually, but in grouping they are perfect for smaller events like dinner parties. Use them on tables and other areas where people tend to gather. Since candlelight is dim, position candles close to your guests. However, keep them away from spots with a lot of activity to prevent them from falling over or getting blown out. Pillar candles are probably the best size to use.

If you are using regular candles, pick unscented ones to avoid irritating your guests or drawing insects. Place them in sturdy, enclosed holders to keep the wind from putting them out and to guard against fires in case someone bumps one over. You might want to use lanterns, hurricane vases or Mason jars to protect the candles.

You may also want to use LED candles for safety purposes. Additionally, citronella candles can be used to keep mosquitoes away from your guests.

Hang string lights across the deck, fence or across the yard. First, you have to be certain where your electrical outlets are before you can decide where you can string your light strands. You have many choices of styles of lighting–tiny Christmas tree lights or larger vintage Edison-style lights or novelty strands of lights. You may use white lights or multi-colored ones.

Use torches for festive outdoor parties. Tiki torches are a popular lighting option in summer. Torches aren’t hard to use, but you do need to take time planting them in your yard. Keep them away from flammable objects and have something absorbent on hand to clean up spilled oil. You can get citronella oil which should help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Start a fire if you have a fireplace or fire pit. Outdoor fires are great for cozy gatherings Fires work best in the evening on cooler days, but keep in mind how close you have to get to a fire in order to benefit from its light. Also, factor in the smoke and what you need to do to keep the fire burning. Fires have a limited range when used for lighting. Unless your party is centered around the fire, you may need to set up additional sources of illumination.



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