Party Plan: Recipe-Swapping Zoom Party

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We are all cooking at home since the pandemic began and thus, this is a great time to collect some new recipes to use with your family and to eventually use with your friends for entertaining to home. Why not have a Recipe-Swapping Zoom Party to share your favorites with your friends?

You can invite as guests your friends who enjoy cooking. You can ask them to respond if they are willing to prepare one of their favorite dishes to show to the other guests on the screen. This dish can then be enjoyed by their family at home. You may want to assign the guests who are coming different types of recipes so everyone attending gets a variety of recipes. One guest might share main course recipes while another might share dessert recipes.

Each guest can show her dish and talk about any tips that might be helpful in making it. Each guest should type up the recipe and send it by email to the other guests. The host can send the recipes to all the attending guest or send the emails of those guests to all other guests. Then each guest can send everyone else her recipe.

This Zoom party is also a good time to share cooking and food-shopping tips.

Of course, we all have access to many cookbooks and internet recipes. But even with internet recipe reviews, the personal recommendations of these party-going friends are more meaningful. I would be more willing to try a recipe from a friend than one found elsewhere. I have collected recipes for years and tossed them in a box, meaning to try them. But somehow I seldom did. But now that we are staying home and there is truly time to cook, I am anxious to try some new dishes. Hope you are, too!

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