Party Pointer: Halloween Activities for Your Family

Since your Halloween this year may not include the traditional trick-or-treating because of the pandemic, you may want to come up with some different activities to use with your children to make the holiday special. Here are several inexpensive books you can order to use with your family for lots of Halloween activities for your family

Would You Rather Halloween Edition: Spooky Family Friendly Questions for the Holidays

  • 70 Halloween-themed “Would You Rather ” questions
  • Large print for easy reading on 6×9″ white pages
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities and family friendly
  • These questions are a great way to get to know yourself and the group of people you are playing with better!
This book is available online.

The Try Not to Laugh Challenge Joke Book – Halloween – Trick or Treat Edition: For Kids and Family: A Fun and Interactive Joke Book for Boys and Girls: Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Years Old

The Try Not to Laugh Challenge: Joke Book – Halloween Trick-or-Treat Edition is not meant to be read alone, but instead it is a game to be played with siblings, friends, family or between two people that would like to prove who is a better comedian.

The rules for this challenge include the following:

  • The two jokesters go back and forth telling each other jokes.
  • When the person listening laughs or even cracks a smile, the joke teller gets a point.
  • The first person to reach five points wins & is claimed the Try Not To Laugh Champion!

These jokes are suitable for children of different age groups.

The book is available online.

Fun Halloween Riddles and Trick Questions for Kids and Family: Trick-or-Treat Edition: 300 Riddles and Brain Teasers That Kids and Family Will Enjoy – Age 6-8 7-9 10-12 (Holiday Riddles)

Fun Halloween Riddles and Trick Questions for Kids and Family! is a fun riddle book that contains 300 riddles and tricky brain teasers of easy to hard difficulty. These brain teasers will challenge the wits of children of different age groups and adults, too.

  • 300 easy short riddles and trick questions (brain teasers), appropriate for children ages 7+ and young teens.
  • Interactive format! Very easy to navigate between questions and answers, simply with a click!
  • Read this book with your Kindle, PC, Laptop or Tablet. You can even do this with your smart phone!
  • Perfect activity book for kids who like problem solving
  • Great for getting fun conversation started at the dinner table!
  • Teach your kids lateral thinking and thinking “outside of the box”

This book is available online.

Spooky Mad Libs

Beware—it’s triple the madcap silliness and wacky word-game fun! Spooky Mad Libs is an all-star lineup of our best spooky Mad Libs including Monster Mad Libs, Night of the Living Mad Libs, and Haunted Mad Libs! From horror movies to tales from the crypt, this monster-sized, 144-page book is bound to scare you. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with hilarious fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs stories. Let your children practice their reading as they read aloud the stories and reinforce their knowledge of parts of speech as they fill in the blanks. These stories are funny for children of all ages and adults. There are also several other editions of Halloween-themed Mad Libs.

This book is available online.

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