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If you enjoy looking at and creating lovely presentations of food for special meals, parties or holidays, you will really enjoy checking out Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion.

Make mealtimes, special occasions, and holidays extra memorable with these 50 delicious, inspiring, family-friendly, and easy-to-recreate snack boards.

Visually exciting and deliciously enticing, these snack boards by Maegan Brown (aka The BakerMama) move beyond (and include) classic cheese and charcuterie and are comprised of easy-to-find fresh and prepared foods, arranged in beautiful, artful, and whimsical ways

Brown’s website, the includes many recipes and many interesting boards. Brown says, “Food boards have also proven to be a great way to eat as a family and entertain our friends. I think it’s amazing how something as simple as how we serve our food can have such an impact on how and what we eat. It’s a way of serving that gives people options and awareness for what they’re eating. And it truly brings people together in such a special way!”

You will find orange- and black-colored snacks arranged into a smiling jack-o’-lantern shape for celebrating Halloween and a fruit-and-veggie rainbow with cracker clouds to brighten any day. Brown even has a Hanukkah board with a tasty menorah for building your own latkes and enjoying some sweets.

The variety of foods on each board will delight everyone, and the stunning presentation will encourage kids to try foods they might normally refuse. Plus, you can make the boards ahead of time, so you can actually sit down and spend time with your loved ones. In this book, you will find boards for anytime family meals and snacks, seasons and holidays, breakfast and brunch, desserts, and entertaining and special occasions.

Impress your family and friends with artful masterpieces, including the following:

  • Bagel Board
  • Fall Feast Board
  • Turkey Board
  • Grilled Cheese Board
  • Birthday Dessert Board
  • Chocolate Fondue Board
  • Unicorn Board
  • Date Night In Board

Along with The BakerMama’s tips to get you into the board mind-set, every board is accompanied by a gorgeous, large photo and step-by-step instructions to make each one easy to recreate. Beautiful Boards is an entertaining game changer that will have you spending less time in the kitchen and more time having fun.

This book is available online.

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