Tablescape: Childrens Thanksgiving Tables

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‘s I grew up sitting at the children’s table at my grandmother’s house when the family got together for Sunday and holiday meals. We loved sitting together–laughing and being silly. We all sat at the children’s table until we were almost ready to have children ourselves. So I am a strong advocate of having childrens Thanksgiving tables especially this holiday season of the pandemic.

If the children have their own table(s), the adults will be able to sit further apart at the main table. A children’s table can also be set with disposable dishes to prevent broken dishes and for ease of clean-up.

I borrowed the table pictured here from a friend with very young children. It is set with paperware I found at Big Lots. I thought the plates and napkins had a jaunty humorous look. The set also came with small honeycomb turkeys for name cards which I knew the children would love.

The one little table  wasn’t large enough for all young guests we expected so I set the legs low on my portable table and borrowed four children’s chairs from my church to create a second children’s table. After I found the turkey paperware, I happened to discover a calico cotton stuffed turkey at the Goodwill which looked like the one on the paperware.  So I gave him two disinfecting baths in the washing machine and a good spray with Lysol  to prepare him for his role as the centerpiece at the end of the table.I set the table with a white plastic disposable tablecloth and placed my paper plates on it. But they looked so forlorn–there was too much white space. So I added my woven reeds chargers and orange plastic plates, and I placed the salad size turkey plates on top for color and substance. The lime green plastic tumblers also add color and are the appropriate size for my young guests.So you can create festive children’s Thanksgiving tables with just a little effort–but effort well worth it for the memories you are creating for your family!




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