Party Plan: Christmas Parade Food Drive

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Christmas is the season we think of others, and this year with the pandemic causing many persons to be out of work and in need of assistance, there is a greater call than ever before for donations to local food banks. Since many communities have had to cancel general holiday activities because of concerns about the coronavirus, many families are still looking for ways to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than by helping the needy with a parade

If you live in a large neighborhood or a small town, consider hosting a socially distant truck Christmas parade food drive to gather donations for your local food bank.

Organizers will need to contact their local government to see if they need to obtain any permits to gather; then they will need to contact the local food bank for any necessary details about donations. Organizers should then publicize the event on social media or on posters to members of the neighborhood calling for attendees/donors as well as to solicit participants. Be sure to include the names of the committee members in charge, their emails and phone numbers, so neighbors can volunteer to drive or walk in the parade.

Send details to your neighbors who have signed up to participate. They will need to know where and when to meet prior to the parade’s start, what the route is and  how fast to drive. The organizers also need to designate stops around the neighborhood to pick up non-perishable food items so they need to decide how long to wait at each stop to pick up the food donations.

The parade participants can deck out their trucks and SUVs in lights and Christmas decorations; many will want to wear costumes. Those with utility trailers may want to pull them decorated with holiday inflatables and more. Other participants may want to walk alongside and toss out wrapped candy. Everyone must make sure to mask up and wear gloves during the event.

After the parade, make arrangements to deliver the food donations to the food bank and report to the neighborhood how much was collected.


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