Party Plan: Zoom Christmas Parties

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This year the pandemic concerns will have us celebrating Christmas in a different way than we usually do. Big parties are out, and we are trying to stick close to home to avoid infecting others and from becoming infected ourselves. But we can still celebrate together with our friends by being creative. Since we have become adept at using Zoom for work, school, church meetings and more, why not use it for parties?

Here are some ideas for Zoom Christmas parties that might work for either adults or children. Since Zoom is used for school for many students, it should be a computer format they are familiar with. Click here to go the Zoom to set up your party meeting.

Since the guests will not be at the host’s house, they would have no refreshments to liven the get-together. As the host, you should create special treat bags to deliver beforehand to the guests. Each treat bag should include Christmas cookies, candy, and juice pouch (or canned drink) for the party. The host might also include any games and a marker that will be used at the party.

Reindeer Games–holiday games like Christmas movie trivia, holiday bingo or other paper games can be played¬† by guests.¬† Answers will be shared and prizes awarded to the winners.

Santa Storytelling–the host or an appointed guest dresses as Santa or as Mrs. Claus and reads holiday stories to the guests. A list of special Christmas stories to use can be found on the Internet or at your library. Ask guests to respond after the readings to share their opinions of the books. You could also have different guests share their own Christmas stories.

Ugly Sweater Fashion Show–the host can ask the guests to wear ugly Christmas sweaters to the party. Each guest can explain the details on their sweater. Ask the guests to draw and color pictures of their own ugly sweaters and to share them with the other guests.

Christmas PJ’s Sleepover–start the party later in the evening and ask the guests to wear their Christmas pajamas. You can play games together or read holiday stories to each other.

Christmas Karaoke–the host should have holiday karaoke songs to play for guests to take turns to sing along. Guests can sing songs as solos, duets, trios or ensemble singing. Guests can vote on who did the best, who was the funniest, etc.

Christmas Ornament-Making or Card-Making–the host delivers supplies in advance to the guests so they can make ornaments or cards together and show off their creative efforts to everyone.

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