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2020 was not a positive year for many of us with the pandemic affecting social interactions, holidays, celebrations,  schools, work, church, the economy and so much more. So we are looking forward to the new year of 2021 to be an vast improvement in so many aspects of our world.

2021 Success Journal: Create Your Best Year Ever, a 244-page paperback book by Mackenzie Reed, will help you focus on the positive. This journal has the power to change your life in the course of 2021. The magic of this journal is that it’s kept simple with the most powerful exercises and focuses on enjoying life.

“In the 2021 Success Journal, you can write just once a week for ten minutes, and you will be on track with your goals all year long. It is a complete pre-written journal, that includes a comprehensive guide, planner and tracker for choosing as well as reaching your goals.

You can learn how to–

• know what you want and choose the right goals,
• plan and track your goals,
• stay motivated throughout the year,
• be more productive,
• enjoy life while reaching your goals, and
• create a better 2021 and beyond.

The journal is a well-organized planner and tracker with effective questions and exercises for making 2021 the best year ever. In this journal, you get the following:

• a guide to success and goal-setting,
• a planner,
• a tracker,
• motivation all year, and
• effective exercises and inspirational quotes.

While other planners and journals often serve multiple purposes, which can make it harder to keep the needed focus, this journal serves one purpose only: create a successful 2021 while enjoying life. The 2021 Success Journal is an effective tool for tracking your successes and celebrating your life while working towards a fulfilling purpose. Make one of your first goals that you will continue to fill in your journal all year long–you’ll be happy you did!

This book is available online.

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