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Parties2Plan is a creative online resource for easy entertaining ideas for the parties of your life.

Parties play a huge part in our lives. Children anticipate birthday parties with the greatest excitement, and adults look back on very special gatherings with the fondest of feelings. Parties are the outward expression of our hospitality, celebrations of special moments. They are times to look backward and to look forward.

Parties can be large or small, boisterous or quiet, elaborate or simple. Parties are the means by which we share the essence of who we are; they allow us to share with those about whom we care the most in colorful, delicious and interactive ways!

Parties2Plan’s mission is to help you enhance your special celebrations from the spark of your initial idea to the successful party’s after-glow. The blog features party plans for all kinds of occasions, partyscapes for your table, party pointers, easy DIY projects, recipes, party products, and more.

Leigh Crank Perry, party-planning expert and founding editor of Parties2Plan, shares her extensive experience in designing creative special occasions for all ages. A former English educator, she has been planning parties since the second grade and has organized and styled home parties, receptions, large club luncheons and banquets, dances, and festivals over the years.

More About Leigh Crank Perry

“According to Myers-Briggs, my personality type is ESFJ, described as ‘Hostess of the World,’ That explains everything! I was born to be a party-giver!” – Leigh Crank Perry

Leigh Crank Perry

After her family and friends, Leigh Crank Perry has always loved two other things with equal passion—teaching and party planning. One love led her from teaching her dolls to earning a master’s degree in education and teaching high school English.

Her other love began with a Cinderella birthday party she helped her mother plan when she was eight and led her to a lifetime of planning parties, dances, festivals, receptions, luncheons, banquets and more.

She now combines these two loves by sharing her extensive experience in designing creative special occasions for all ages. She gives custom parties as well as teaches, speaks and blogs about party-giving topics. Parties2Plan is her creative online blog for easy entertaining ideas for the parties of your life

Leigh is a popular speaker on many party and event-planning topics. She has made presentations for woman’s clubs, church groups, Barnes and Noble, and CBS Channel 6’s Virginia This Morning. She has taught party classes at the University of Richmond’s School of Continuing Studies and currently is an instructor for Chesterfield County Adult Continuing Education.

Leigh lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her creative family. She is blessed to learn from and to be inspired by their many talents.

Want to learn more from Leigh? Then be sure to check out her Parties2Plan Blog for daily posts covering a wide range of party-giving topics and ideas, as well as her speaking and party planning services.

7 Fun Facts About Leigh

  1. I can’t live without Diet Coke and audiobooks—delights for the throat and for the mind!
  2. Three things always in my purse are a deep pink lipstick to perk me up, a little notebook in which to draw pictures of party ideas I see, and a tape measure to check the sizes of items when I’m shopping. Friends are surprised when I can produce my tape measure at most any time or place!
  3. The dizziest job I’ve ever had was that of merry-go-round operator. Walking on a vibrating, moving platform day in and day out listening to calliope music can make you feel like you are in a cocktail shaker at the circus!
  4. My dream day off would be one I could spend in my pajamas reading or trolling Pinterest or my collection of party books for inspiring party pictures.
  5. Broadway musicals have been my passion since age 8—I sang along with my albums daily, and performed in school and community theater shows. It’s not surprising that my sons had learned the lyrics of almost all the Broadway classics by age 10!
  6. I never leave the house without a star somewhere on my person—earrings, a pin, necklace, or scarf–the star motif is my personal symbol of reaching for your dreams. My friends have come to realize there are usually stars somewhere in each of my tablescapes!
  7. My guilty pleasure is buying packages of colorful decorative paper napkins. I have a huge collection and can produce a package for virtually any theme you can name!