Resource: Hot Glue Guns

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Hot glue guns–an inexpensive resource sent from heaven for household projects and repairs as well as for crafting and party preparation! What did we do before they came along? I have glue guns stashed in my kitchen, my upstairs bathroom, … Continued

Party Plan: Gardening Party Ideas

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In the springtime in Virginia, you can have wonderfully warm sunny weather or chilly rainy overcast days–you just never know! So planning a “garden party” in Virginia in April could be an iffy proposition, but planning a “gardening party” is … Continued

Resource: Mason Jars

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They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! Everywhere you look today, you see Mason jars! Who would believe that an ordinary molded glass jar would become the trendy go-to container over 150 years after its invention as an canning container for fruits and … Continued

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