Recipe: Easy Dip Recipes

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Most of us have a fantasy image of the perfect Christmas season which includes cozy happy times entertaining special friends and family members in a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, the reality seldom comes close to the fantasy. We rush to make … Continued

Recipe: How to Make Apple Butter

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My childhood memories of apple butter come from being at my father’s mother’s house—I don’t remember if Grandmother served it to me or ate it herself while I was visiting. She clearly loved it,  but I didn’t think I would—maybe … Continued

Resource: Gooseberry Patch

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Gooseberry Patch-it’s a funny name, but if you know what the name stands for you, you will love it as I do! Gooseberry Patch is a publishing company that creates country cookbooks with recipes for every time of day and … Continued

Tablescape: Poinsettia Day

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  Today is Poinsettia Day which celebrates the star-leaf plant, now as much an icon of Christmas as a decorated tree, a gift-filled stocking or a jolly Santa figure. This tablescape features the bright red variety of poinsettia as its … Continued

DIY Project: Mason Jar Craft

    Mason jars have been household staples for decades–but these humble glass containers are enjoying an true resurgence in popularity. You see them used as drinking glasses, candle-holders, food containers. Mason jars are now being made in colors, in plastic, and … Continued

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