Party Plan: Ideas for Mothers Day

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May is a marvelous month to honor the matriarchs of your family. The mothers of a family are of vital importance and relevance to all  family members, and Mother’s Day celebrations nurture the connections between them and their future generations. Take the time to start — or … Continued

Party Plan: Gardening Party Ideas

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In the springtime in Virginia, you can have wonderfully warm sunny weather or chilly rainy overcast days–you just never know! So planning a “garden party” in Virginia in April could be an iffy proposition, but planning a “gardening party” is … Continued

Party Plan: Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter egg hunts are great seasonal activities for family holiday gatherings or children’s parties. They also make very popular church and community family events. Here are some helpful tips for organizing a successful hunt: • Ask guests in your invitation … Continued

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