Party Plan: Chili Cookoff

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On cold days, nothing goes better with football and beer than a hearty bowl of chili. Throwing a chili cookoff for your friends one Sunday afternoon is a perfect way to get your guests involved and to have . Plus, … Continued

Party Plan: Ice Cream Social

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There’s no easier, more sociable kind of hot-weather entertainment than an ice cream social! Ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet you can enhance yourself with many assorted toppings is appealing to virtually everyone. This versatile type of party can also … Continued

Party Plan: Adult Pirate Party

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The skull and crossbones flag flying high over a many-masted ship, tall shiny boots and large shiny swords–these accessories bring to mind pirates! Our culture has been fascinated with pirates since the 1600’s when pirates began to rob the Spanish … Continued

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